Foundations, Crawlspaces, and Basements


Any comment made with regard to the foundation or foundation walls references only what is visible to the inspector. The inspector cannot see behind stored items, walls framed in front of foundation walls, and other objects, which will limit the inspection

Any notice of settlement cracks indicates past and possible continuing active settlement concern. Horizontal settlement cracks are considered more of an issue than a vertical crack, though it is recommended to get either evaluated by a qualified professional.


As per New York State’s Standards of Practice, it is not required for an inspector to enter a crawlspace which entrance is blocked by stored items or if the entrance to the crawlspace will endanger the inspector, or damage the building. It is entirely at the inspector’s discretion to determine the safety of a crawlspace.

If a crawlspace was not accessed and therefore not inspected day of inspection, it is strongly recommended this area be inspected by a qualified professional prior to closing


Every effort is made to note any presence of moisture, however, moisture in the basement can occur as a result of a number of problems that may occur.

Basement dampness or wetness is noted by stains, efflorescence, mildew, or the presence of a sump pump. We can make no representation as to the possible occurrence of future moisture. The extent or potential re-occurrence cannot be determined by this limited time inspection.

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