Heating/Cooling Systems and Hot Water Systems

Heating/Cooling Systems

Annual service is needed on any heating, cooling, or HVAC system. We recommend contacting a qualified professional for these services.

Outside condensers of A/C or HVAC units should be monitored.

Vegetation should be kept away to ensure proper function.

Air Condition systems should not be operated, and will not be operated by the inspector the day of inspection if the ambient outside temperature has been below 65 Degrees Fahrenheit for the past 24 hours or longer.

As per New York State’s Standards of Practice, window mounted or in-wall A/C units are not required to be inspected. We recommend further evaluation prior to closing.

Hot Water Systems

It is recommended that a hot water heater’s temperature setting not be set above 120 Degrees Fahrenheit for safety reasons.

Any hot water heater located within a garage setting should be a safe distance from the floor for fire safety reasons. (Refer to the operators manual or contact a qualified professional to determine proper distance.)

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