Facts About Radon

Myth: Scientists are not sure that radon really is a problem.

FACT: Although some scientists dispute the precise number of deaths due to radon, all the major health organization agree with estimates that radon causes thousands of preventable lung cancer deaths every year. This is especially true among smokers.

Myth: Radon testing is difficult and time consuming.

FACT: Radon testing is easy, and hiring Next Level Home Inspections is even easier!

Myth: Homes with radon problems cannot be fixed.

FACT: There are solutions to Radon problems in homes. Thousands of home owners have already lowered their radon levels.

Myth: Radon only affects certain types of homes.

FACT: Radon can be a problem in all types of homes, including old or new homes, and homes with basements or without basements.

Myth: Radon is a problem in certain parts of the country.

FACT: High radon levels have been found in every state. The only way to know your homes actual radon level is through testing.

Myth: A neighbor’s test result is a good indication of whether your home has a radon problem.

FACT: IT IS NOT. Radon levels vary from home to home, the only way to know is through radon testing.

Myth: It is difficult to sell a home where radon problems have been discovered.

FACT: Where radon problems have been fixed, home sales have not been stopped. The added protection is a good selling point.

Myth: I have lived in my home for so long, it doesn’t make sense to take action now.

FACT: You reduce your risk of lung cancer when you reduce the level of radon in your home.

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